Tamil Cultural Association, Hong Kong (past president)

The Tamil Cultural Association (TCA) has served as forum for promoting cultural, social and recreational activities since its inception in 1967. It is one of the ethnic minority associations in Hong Kong. I had an opportunity to work as its president during 2002-03. The period during which, TCA as usual organized dramas, dance, concerts, literary forums and picnics. Emails are generally used for disseminating information to the members, and some of the selected emails are listed here. The annual report presented by me to the general body is also reproduced. Both of which could give a flavour of that year’s activities.

Ilakkya Vattam, Hong Kong (coordinator) 

Ilakkya Vattam (Tamil Literary Circle) is an informal forum promoting Tamil literature in Hong Kong since December 2001. Literature of other languages and matters concerning life and culture are also discussed. Vattam conducts occasional meetings. Also, 80 and odd members share their views through an email group. Presently, I am the coordinator of the group. The 25th meeting of group was conducted on 13 July 2008 during which a book, ilakkiya veLLi compiled by me, comprising the summaries of the previous 24 meetings  was released. The introduction to the book and my speech in the event can be read here.

YIFC Academy, Hong Kong (advisor)

The YIFC Academy of Hong Kong started its Tamil Teaching Program(TTP) for children in the year 2004. Most of Hong Kong Tamil children are enrolled in mainstream schools here and are learning English and to some extent Chinese. TTP ,thanks to dedication and efforts of the organizers, teachers, young students and parents have been successfully conducting the Tamil language classes. I am one of the advisors to the programme. Some of my articles and talks related to the Tamil language classes are:

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