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Qualifications and Affiliations:


  • Hong Kong-bastion of bamboo scaffolding“, by M Ramanathan, Proceedings of ICE- Civil Engineering, Volume: 161, Issue: 4, November 2008, Page: 177-183.
  • Sustainable Approach to Underground Metro Rail Structures for Longer Service Life“, M Ramanathan and J Kalyan Kumar, American Society of Civil Engineers, ICSDEC 2012: Developing the Frontier of Sustainable Design, Engineering, and Construction, International Conference on Sustainable Design, Engineering, and Construction 2012, Fort Worth, Texas, United States, ISBN (print): 978-0-7844-1268-8, November 9, 2012
  • Embracing Underground Rail to Enhance Sustainability“, M Ramanathan and J Kalyan Kumar, Magazine of ASCE- Civil Engineering,  February 2013, pp 54-59. |AECOM’s News|
  • “Sustainable Methods to Achieve 120 year Service Life for Underground Metro Structures”, M Ramanathan and J Kalyan Kumar, Innovations in Concrete Construction 2013, UKIERI Concrete Congress, Jalandhar India, 5 – 8 March 2013
  • Investigation of Collapse of Slurry Trench in Underground Metro Construction”  Makarand Khare and M Ramanathan, Fifth International Conference on Forensic Engineering, Institution of Civil Engineers, London, April 2013
  • Integrated Design Team Process in MTR LOHAS Park Station“, by Ir M Ramanathan and Ir Chin Sai-ping, The HKIE Transactions, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Volume 16, Number 3, September 2009, pp 26-31 (bagged the first runner-up award in the HKIE’s Civil Engineering Papers of the Year-2008 Awards). 
  • “Design audits in construction projects- A Hong Kong perspective” , by E Palaneeswaran, M Ramanathan, Peter E D Love and CM Tam, Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Forensic Engineering 2008 – From Failure to Understanding, Institution of Civil Engineers, London, 2-4 December 2008, ISBN 978-07277-3613-0, Editor: Brian S. Neale, 91-100. 
  • Integrated Design Office Arrangements for Effective Management in Complex Infrastructure Projects” , by E Palaneeswaran, and M Ramanathan, Proceedings of the Project Management Asia (PM Asia) 2008 Conference – Succeeding in Diversity, Singapore, 14-17 October 2008, 12 pages (electronic proceedings).
  • “Reducing Design Rework in Construction Projects”, by E Palaneeswaran, M Ramanathan, and CM Tam, presented in 4th World Project Management Conference, “Project Management: Driving Growth, Creating Equality”, PM Global, Project Management Institute of America, and Chartered Institute of Building, Singapore, 12-16 November 2007, (11 pages (Electronic proceedings))
  • Rework in Projects: Learning from Errors“, by E Palaneeswaran, M Ramanathan, and CM Tam, Surveying and Built Environment, The Journal of Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, Volume 18-Issue 2,December 2007.
  • Integrated Team Design Process-Successful Stories of Hong Kong MTR Corporation Projects“, by  SP Chin, Clement Ngai and M Ramanathan,Proceedings of the Twelfth East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction (EASEC-12), Hong Kong, January 2011, Elsevier Ltd(bagged the AECOM’s Technical Paper Award-FY2011)
  • Technical meetings on: 1.instant structural analysis; and 2.design and construction of York House, by Ir M Ramanathan,  Hong Kong Engineer, The Journal of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, November 2007 (Chosen for Best Reporter Award)
  • Technical meting on technical guidelines of bamboo scaffolds, by Ir M Ramanathan,  Hong Kong Engineer, The Journal of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, December 2006 (Chosen for Best Reporter Award)

Technical Talks:

  • Technical Seminar at Hong Kong: Spoke on “Indian Metro Rail Scenario and Challenges of Chennai Metro Rail Project” in a technical seminar organised by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, held at HK Polytechnic University on 24 June 2013. |AECOM’s News| |HKIE Announcement| |HKIE Photo Gallery|
  • Tunnel Station Interface: Spoke in the annual “Tunnel Construction in India” conferences organized by India Infrastructure Publishing Pvt. Ltd held during May 8, 2012 and May 14, 2013, both held at The Imperial, New Delhi. 
  • An endowment lecture in the oldest engineering college of India: Delivered Dr. N.V. Arunachalam Memorial Endowment Lecture organized by the Alumni Association of the College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG), Chennai on 12 September 2012.  CEG is India’s oldest engineering and technical institution, having been established in 1794. Spoke on “Best practices in designing and constructing underground metro stations”The meeting was covered in the press, and one of the reports can be read here.
  • Metro Rail Conference: The MetroRail Asia 2012 conference October 9 to 11, 2012 at Mumbai, and organized by Terrapin. Participated in a consultant’s panel which discussed about the design and planning strategies of metro rail in Indian context.
  • Foundation Conference: A keynote speaker of the conference on “Foundation for Infrastructure Sectors” held in New Delhi, during December 2012, and spoke on “Foundation in Underground Metro Rail Stations — Case Histories and Best Practices.”
  • Elevated Metro Structures: A keynote speaker of the annual conference on “Bridges, Flyovers and Elevated MRTS Structures” held on February 20, 2013 at New Delhi and spoke about the special bridges of the Chennai Metro Rail project.
  • Challenges of building underground metro: A special technical seminar held on June 18, 2013 at the Highways Research Station, Chennai under the auspicious of the state Highways Department.
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